Fabrizio Sabato
PHP Back-End/Front-End & Drupal Developer
È proprietario, creatore e amministratore del marchio Deskema e relativo sito web.

È uno sviluppatore PHP con diversi anni di esperienza nell'ambito dello sviluppo di applicazioni web.

Recentemente ha cambiato approccio metodologico passando al CMS Drupal per la creazione di Siti Web e a Symfony per lo sviluppo di Applicazioni Web.

B2B Target QC

Functional description
Project B2B for professional matching between Quality Assurance Inspectors (both company and freelance) and Inspector Seekers. TargetQC board is accessible with two different kind of profiles (Inspector/Bidder and Seeker/Applicant) and provides an internal well designed "seek & contact" system through a full responsive and dynamic interface. Once the Inspector and the Seeker have reached an agreement for a new job, the related workflow is triggered, from acknowledgment to billing and ratings/reviews.
Type of project
Le Fucine Art & Media
Technical description

Target QC Project is bases on WordPress and WPJobUs template.
The core has been deeply modified and emproved with new custom functionalities and implementations, especially in terms of SQL and Internal Search Engine, including the Country Region drop down lists visible on the Find More inspectors section.
Some of the "contrib" plugins behaviors have been altered like with CubePM which has been put in communication with the custom Orders Management System and related workflow.
This project makes a massive use of JSON, Ajax and jQuery to improve the experience of the user.