Fabrizio Sabato
PHP Back-End/Front-End & Drupal Developer
È proprietario, creatore e amministratore del marchio Deskema e relativo sito web.

È uno sviluppatore PHP con diversi anni di esperienza nell'ambito dello sviluppo di applicazioni web.

Recentemente ha cambiato approccio metodologico passando al CMS Drupal per la creazione di Siti Web e a Symfony per lo sviluppo di Applicazioni Web.

Drupal Tuning Best Practices

Here is a guide to speed up you Drupal Web site with several interesting advises.
On my own web site Deskema.it I applied only a small part of all techniques mentioned into the Guide visible on the bottom link.

I have just disabled:

  • Statistics
  • Update Manager
  • Automatic Cron

Enabled Caching from

Admin -> Config -> Development -> Performance

In my case "not blocks" because the background image is actually a Custom Module block so, flagging Block Caching option, the alternation of bg images would fail ( it would show only the first loaded image for all pages ).
Then I have installed and enabled the following modules:

  • Views Content Cache
  • Entity Cache
  • Display Cache
  • LazyLoad ( this is awesome! )
  • Speedy
  • Fast 404

The results are visible just surfing Deskema.it. The Performances in my case have increased of a good 70% !!

The following Guide is really great and I guess really helpful to obtain a performant website!

Tuning your Drupal Website