Fabrizio Sabato
PHP Back-End/Front-End & Drupal Developer
Is the owner, creator and administrator of Deskema Brand and its Website. 
He is a PHP developer with several years of experience on web applications development.
He has recently changed his vision and moved to Drupal CMS to create Web Sites and Symfony for Custom Web Apps.

Codility Certified 2012

IIM Interuniversity Institute of Myology

Functional description

Coram IIM, alias Interuniversity Institute of Myology, is an organization founded by a group of Full and Associated Professors and Researchers of the Universities G. D’Annunzio of Chieti/Pescara and Perugia. On a first insance I was commissioned to the re-conception and renovation of the organization istitutional website so I thought about a Socialmedia-like approach for it in order to create something easily scalable and organizable in each part of it.

Type of project
IIM Interuniversity Institute of Myology
Institutional Website
Rootgear Powered
Technical description

Based on RootGear CMS ( a Content Management System I created by myself from scratch ), this project is a multi-user platform and performs management of IIM affiliates, students, professors, researchers as well as events/meeting and related documentations ( doc/pdf abstracts ). The system provide also a feature which allow both "registered users" and "simple guests" to subscribe to events, choose accomodation and submit abstracts files ( docx or pdf ). The Administrators can also monitor the subscriptions status by a control panel specifically designed and visible on extra images section down here.