Fabrizio Sabato
PHP Back-End/Front-End & Drupal Developer
Is the owner, creator and administrator of Deskema Brand and its Website. 
He is a PHP developer with several years of experience on web applications development.
He has recently changed his vision and moved to Drupal CMS to create Web Sites and Symfony for Custom Web Apps.

Codility Certified 2012

Digitalpoint Online Estimates

Functional description

Reactive and Digitalpoint are two printing houses located in Perugia, specialized in Digital Printing Systems. The requirements for this project at the beginning were quite simple since the customer needed just a feature to produce cost estimates in real time based on a simple algorithm composed by a sequence of mathematical operations. But, time by time, this feature became actually something really different because it was necessary to modify the algorithm in order make it work with six different calculation systems ( Posters, Brochure, Post Cards, PVC, HQ, Panels  ). On the current version the systems became eight! By the way, the entire system had to perform the entire processing cycle for printing products, from budgeting to delivery, and keeping trace of the whole workflow. A prerequisite was the management of loyalties and related special prices as well.

Type of project
Custom Application
Technical description

PHP 4.3 Custom Application. For this project, maybe the most complex I have worked till now, I analyzed and created the whole structure of both Core Application ( PHP ) and Database ( MySQL ) from scratch.
The backoffice environment perform a huge amount of functions like:

  • change tasks among employees
  • estimate delivery times
  • check delivery delays in real time
  • associate specific prices with loyal customers
  • perform accurate searches