Fabrizio Sabato
PHP Back-End/Front-End & Drupal Developer
Is the owner, creator and administrator of Deskema Brand and its Website. 
He is a PHP developer with several years of experience on web applications development.
He has recently changed his vision and moved to Drupal CMS to create Web Sites and Symfony for Custom Web Apps.

Codility Certified 2012

Aupanier Thé Santé

Functional description

Aupanier Thé Santé is a swiss shop specialized in any kind of Tea and anything else related to this beverage. Since the customer wanted to extend his business to the internet channel, according to standards, In cooperation with Monster4D we created for him an E-commerce web site with a captivating interface and a three languages multilingual support. The website includes, beside the all standard features of a canonical e-commerce, New Products sections, Special Offer section, a Price per Quantity feature and, if available, a Recommended Products frame managed only by the owner of the shop.

Type of project
Advertising & Events
Technical description

This project is based on Drupal 7 and Ubercart Module.
In order to manage easily the taxonomy translations it was necessary to use Entity Translation paradigma, because the basic Drupal translation interface normally provide for a duplicate of the node for each language whether translated.
And this is for sure not the best practice when it's necessary to edit and manage hundreds if not thousands of node products and taxonomies. Entity Translation paradigma provides for the translation of just single form field value related to one node instead of creating a new one with new values for each language.
jQuery and CSS have been a must in order to manage the Navigation with thumbnails on the header of the page. Navigation was another problematic issue on this project because it was necessary to make a distinction between Food products and product Accessories but it was also prerequisite the possibility to blend Taxonomies between each others on the same navigation. To get this I have used a combination of Menu Block Module, Taxonomy Menu Block and Term Reference Tree ( this last one for the backoffice node-edit page ).
The module UC Volume Pricing doesn't support properly multi language system so, in order to edit its output and force it to display the current language translation, I wrote an hook function into the template.php file and the result is the one that you can see on the website.