Fabrizio Sabato
PHP Back-End/Front-End & Drupal Developer
Is the owner, creator and administrator of Deskema Brand and its Website. 
He is a PHP developer with several years of experience on web applications development.
He has recently changed his vision and moved to Drupal CMS to create Web Sites and Symfony for Custom Web Apps.

Codility Certified 2012

Antica Pizzeria da Giulio

Functional description

Antica Pizzeria Da Giulio is one of the oldest Pizzerias located in Milano. In conjuncion with the EXPO event, the customer wanted a radical renovation of his website with a Responsive Design Layout since the previous version wasn't aligned with the standards of WEB 2.0. The aim was the creation of a welcome page with an immediate communication of the offered services, menu of both dishes and pizzas and related prices, a custom module for the tracing of the route via Google Maps together with a reservation webform.

Type of project
Advertising & Events
Technical description

Drupal 7 and Bootstrap subtheme. On the Welcome Page there are two Regions which contains Bootstrap & jQuery Carousel widgets with recommended dishes and pizzas together with the related prices.
In order to make the date field easily accessible and usable from mobile devices I had to work around Bootstrap Date-time Picker component and jQuery Moment.js Libraries implementation in order to make the Picker work properly.