Fabrizio Sabato
PHP Back-End/Front-End & Drupal Developer
Is the owner, creator and administrator of Deskema Brand and its Website. 
He is a PHP developer with several years of experience on web applications development.
He has recently changed his vision and moved to Drupal CMS to create Web Sites and Symfony for Custom Web Apps.

Codility Certified 2012


Web & Applications
Graphics & Publishing

Logo Col di Betto
CoredDraw Logo Design
Appartamento Vacanze a Perugia
Wordpress One Page full responsive template
B2B Target QC
B2B Wordpress based Project
Digitalpoint Online Estimates
Online estimates web app, ERP & Workflow System
Gli Occhiali On Line Advertising
Coupon advertisement for a Glasses Shop
Aupanier Thé Santé
E-commerce Drupal Ubercart
Studio Dentistico Silvestri
Drupal, Twitter Bootstrap Responsive Design
La table de Mary
Joomla! Yootheme Responsive Design
Traghetti on line
Drupal Ferry & Flats online booking website
Umbria Grida Terra
Rootgear Custom CMS
IIM Interuniversity Institute of Myology
RootGear PHP Custom CMS
Ercole Tempo Libero
E-commerce based on PrestaShop 1.6
Progetto Paul Beathens
Logo and Leaflet Photoshop & CorelDraw
Iglesias Design
Drupal 7, Responsive design
T-shirt Clip Art
Corel Draw Illustration
PatchWork Logo
CoredDraw Logo Design
Antica Pizzeria da Giulio
Drupal, Twitter Bootstrap Responsive Design
Shardana Quintet Logo & Website
RootGear CMS, jPlayer, Corel Draw Logo
Pronti a conciliare
Drupal 6
Dr Why & Dr Because
Sperimetal Social Media Project