Fabrizio Sabato
PHP Back-End/Front-End & Drupal Developer
Is the owner, creator and administrator of Deskema Brand and its Website. 
He is a PHP developer with several years of experience on web applications development.
He has recently changed his vision and moved to Drupal CMS to create Web Sites and Symfony for Custom Web Apps.

Codility Certified 2012


Something about ME, my own profile, technical skills and attitudes.

My name is FABRIZIO SABATO and I am a Front-End, PHP Back-End & Drupal Developer with pretty good skills in Graphic Design and Illustration as well.


My first approach to the Server Side world was in 2001 with "at the time" Allaire Cold Fusion and related language CFML ( Cold Fusion Mark-Up Language ) in addiction to a pinch of MS Active Server Pages. I realized almost immediately that too many problems were related on both packages ( proprietary systems, web servers as well as interpreters ) so, following the advices of an ex-colleague and really close friend of mine ( CEO at Unixtech ICT Company in Perugia ), I decided to move on PHP and related technologies. I'm still believing it was the best choice ever and, as a proof of that, after more then fifteen years I'm still working with it and still learning a lot of it and its wide landscape.


I have a good knowledge of the most popular technologies, libraries and protocols related to PHP.
During the years, I had the chance to cooperate on several projects both in team and alone, on development of new applications from scratch and new features/modules for third party preexisting Apps.
Below a short list of thechnologies and tools I am mostly used to use:

PHP 5.6 , SymfonySlim , DrupalWordpress , Twig , ORM Doctrine Eloquent RedBean & PDO , DB MySQL , HTML 5 ,  CSS 3 ,  Bootstrap , JSON & Ajax , REST , jQuery , Google APIs , GIT , Behat , JIRA Agile SCRUM 

Tools & Softwares

After several years spent working around technical issues, problem solving, constant research of the best practices in order to deliver high quality products saving as much time as possible, I went for the best ( imho ) OS development tools. If I will have the pleasure to cooperate with You I would like you to expect me to use one or more then one of the followings on Your project.
Believe me, it'll be a really good deal (**)  


A really powerful CMS
Why Drupal? Drupal is cool! Drupal is very popular and very well documented! Last Drupal release ( D8 ) has been redesigned exploiting the potentials of Symfony Framework so, a Symfony developer will find D8 module development incredibly rewarding. Symfony and Drupal soon or late will became THE practice. That's why, in order to perform best solutions, the knowledge of both Drupal and Symfony will be a MUST!! Definitely the best choice for any web project ( e-commerce, showcase website, forum, blog and so on )


Maybe the best Framework
Why Symfony? Because of Drupal of course :) And more exactly because of Drupal 8 since it has been complitely rebuilt with Symfony Fraework. Anyway, this is a more then good reason but actually it's not  THE reason. The learning curve of Symfony is pretty high but, against this, Symfony is very well documented and supported and it offers a countless amount of bundles for free ( a bundle normally is a full application: e-commerce, cms, data-entry, erp, crm and so on ). That's why I definitely decided to focus on it for any Custom Application development.

Adobe CS6

Best Creative Suite ever
The Adobe Creative Suite is definitely the best set of tools ever to get awesome graphic effects. I strongly believe that a good web developer ( especially Front-End ) should have a good knowledge of this amazing ( and quite expensive unfortunately ) package!

** You will have an high quality product designed according to the best practices and the PSR ( PHP Standards Recommendation ) and the all sources will be affordable for any skilled developer with a good knowledge of PHP. That sounds like a quite good reason! Isn't it?